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world hand hygiene day
5th May 2017

May 5th is WHO World Hand Hygiene Day, and this year’s initiative is “Fight antibiotic resistance: It’s in your hands”. Ecolab, as a participant of POPS (Private Organizations for Patient Safety) is proud to support this campaign. By taking part and aiming to continue to improve hand hygiene and all infection prevention, you are helping to fight antibiotic resistance. Remind people of the 5 moments for hand hygiene.
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5 May board
Join the social media campaign

1) Download the board and print it off
2) Add your name
3) Take a picture with the board in your hands
4) Post it on social media channels using either of these 3 hashtags
(#CleanHands, #HandHygiene and #AntibioticResistance)
5) Your picture will be posted on a website dedicated to 5 May and you contributed to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene have.

May 5th further resources
Campaign Resources

Raising awareness of Hand Hygiene and antibiotic resistance is vital, and your input can make a real difference. You can find lots of additional resources to help you raise awareness at the WHO site, including targeted posters, an advocacy slide deck, web banners, videos, implementation manuals and more. It’s in your hands – get involved! 

Upcoming Events & Training

Icpic 2017 Ecolab banner
Icpic 2017

Ecolab is a bronze sponsor of the ICPIC Conference 2017 (International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control which takes place in Geneva, 20-23 June. Ecolab is also sponsoring a scientific symposium during the ICPIC on “How to implement guidelines into clinical practice?”. For more information on Ecolab`s involvement on 5 May and the ICPIC Conference please contact us by email.

5 May Crowd poster
Teleclass on May 5th

Join Professor Pittet’s global annual teleclass on 5 May, by registering here