October 30, 2018

As the Middle East’s acknowledged casual and fine dining hub, Dubai is primed to lead the region in food hygiene - a position that will dually underline its market-leading edge with increasingly discerning consumers and ensure its standing as a global dining destination contender - according to world-leading experts in the sector.

Speaking ahead of their presentations on October 30 at the 12th Dubai International Food Safety Conference, October 29-31, Ecolab’s Dr. Ruth Petran and Dr. Ludger Grunwald believe Dubai is in a prime position to navigate the reality of today’s top food safety risks and develop systems to manage both actual and perceived risks.

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. The company delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site service to promote safe food, ensuring the quality and safety of prepared food as well as more than a quarter of the world’s processed food, helping customers around the world to prevent more than one million foodborne illnesses every year.

At the conference, Dr. Petran, Ecolab’s vice president of food safety and public health, will address the global supply chain’s impact on minimizing risks. “Consumers are demanding fresher, cleaner food. This is apparent all over the world and the Middle East is no exception,” says Dr. Petran.  “The world is not all that different. The same illnesses exist all across the globe and it’s important for food handlers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and everyone along the supply chain to be aware and manage them appropriately with preventive approaches.”

The issue, adds Dr. Petran, is pertinent locally and especially in Dubai as the city advances its regulatory measures.  “Since Dubai imports a lot of its food, it’s important to pay attention to where that food is sourced. We need to be aware of how food and produce has been handled in its country of origin. Dubai follows a code that helps food establishments achieve a higher degree of compliance with the food regulations and attain a higher standard of food safety through its adoption of good practices.”

Further exploring food safety issues, Dr. Grunwald, Ecolab’s director for regulatory affairs, in Europe, will review ways to manage risks of cleaning agents, sanitizers and disinfectants in food hygiene.

“Various stakeholders stress on the importance for assessing risks of sanitation chemicals residues in food streams, and this reinforces the need to critically assess global approaches. To ensure consumer protection through the application of chemicals in food hygiene from farm to fork, balancing risks and benefits of their use,” says Dr. Grunwald.

While food safety management systems, including CODEX, GFSI guidance and FDA regulations are well established, there is a need for joint management of new residue challenges to enable seamless partnerships across industries that satisfy consumer expectations of “zero” risk. The presentation will illustrate the gaps and commonalities of how different regions assess safety of food contact chemicals and suggest that harmonized approaches are needed.”

Ecolab operates a regional Middle East HQ from Jebel Ali in Dubai. Dr. Ruth Petran and Dr. Lugar Grunwald look forward to connecting with food safety experts from around the region at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference to discuss food safety standards and best practices from around the world. The Dubai Food Safety Conference is organized by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality with support from the International Association for Food Protection.


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