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Aerosept 500 PACK SHOT

Aerosept 500

Airborne disinfection device

Automatic atomiser for use with Aseptanios AD, for airborne disinfection of previously cleaned surfaces.

Product Details

  • Treatment capacity: Rooms up to 300m3
  • Fully automatic process with touch screen panel, remote control and delayed start function
  • Our patented venturi system ensures a constant flow of product
  • Cycle tracking conveniently available on a USB drive
  • Quickly track compliance by scanning rooms and operators with a barcode reader
  • Compliant with NF T72-281 (2014)


Automatic atomiser for airborne disinfection of previously cleaned surfaces.



  • Bactericide and yeasticide in 30 min
  • Mycobactericide in 120 min.
  • Fungicide and sporicide in 120 min
  • Virucide in 30 min†
  • Conditions of use: 7ml/m3, 20°C

† For rooms up to 150m3


Instructions for use*

  • Place the unit in a corner of the room
  • Switch on by selecting the operating mode
  • Identify the room and the operator
  • The unit will automatically calculate the diffusion time
  • The time the cycle will end is displayed
  • Delayed start allows the operator to leave the room before treatment begins
  • The unit will automatically stop at the end of the cycle
  • Ventilate the room (nine air changes)

* Refer to the operating and technical manual for the full process.

Technical characteristics

  • Chemical capacity: 5L container
  • Nominal flow-rate: 1L/hour
  • Empty weight: ≈ 32kg
  • Dimensions: 900mm H x 350mm L x 400mm W
  • Power supply: 240/110 V – 50/60 Hz – 5 A



The products used in this device are dangerous - observe the precautions on the label of the product.

Storage of product: between +5°C and +25°C in vertical position.

Use biocides safely.

For professional use only.

Please read label and product information before use.