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Skinsan™ Scrub N

Lotion for antimicrobial washing of hand and the whole body. Provides effective cleaning and decolonization and the same time no compromising skin compatibility. A solution recommended for hospitals, nursing homes and to be used at home.

Product Details

  • STRONG – Broad and residual efficacy
  • GENTLE – Excellent skin compatibility and skin caring properties, tested and proven in daily routine
  • USER-OPTIMIZED – Easy to use, efficient and delicate – contributes to increased compliance. It helps save the caregiver time (does not have to be rinsed-off)
Our performance Your advantage
Efficacy spectrum (broad and residual). Efficacy tested according to current test standards and documented in daily clinical routine. Lasting protection of patients.
Skin compatibility, leave-on possible. The unique combination of skin caring ingredients leaves the skin hydrated. Outstanding skin compatibility has been proven in tests in vitro and in daily use.
For the use by Healthcare workers and patients. Convenient and multiple packaging formats, as well as form of the product are easy to use both in the hospital and at home, both by the caregiver and caretaker, both for mobile and immobile patients.


  • MRSA whole body decolonization, including hair
  • Reduction of microbial skin flora
  • Hygienic hand washing

Instructions for use

MRSA whole body decolonization and general reduction of microbial skin flora:

Apply sufficient amount of Skinsan Scrub N (foam) undiluted onto pre-wetted wash cloths or apply directly onto the skin, following existing procedures. Wash the whole body, face and hair. For MRSA whole body decolonization repeat daily as part of a decolonization bundle until decolonization has been proven.

Hygienic hand washing:

Rub 3ml (washing lotion) or 4 pump hubs (foam) into dry hands for 30 seconds, wash off afterwards.

Use on bedridden patients:


  1. Apply sufficient amount of Skinsan Scrub N undiluted on a fresh, pre-wetted wash mitt. Skinsan® Scrub N (foam) can also be applied undiluted with a dry wash mitt onto patients’ skin and hair.
  2. Use in total four fresh wash mitts.
    1. Wash mitt: for face, head, ears, neck, chest, stomach, arms, hands and fingernails.
    2. Wash mitt: for back, anal and genital areas.
    3. Wash mitt: for inguinal area and lower extremities.
    4. Wash mitt: to wash these parts of the head that had not been reached up to this point. In order to do so, the patients should be rolled over to the freshly made up side of the bed.
  3. Dispose wash mitts after use.

100g of the solution contains: 0.9g chlorhexidine digluconate, 0.9g didecyldimethylammonium chloride


Use biocide products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

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