Methyl Methacrylate Solutions (MMA)

The formation of unwanted polymers and resulting equipment fouling challenge MMA producers regardless of a particular plant’s technology. Commodity polymerization inhibitors have been used with limited success. These inhibitors are typically delivered as hazardous solids; their handling is a safety concern and an added cost. Nalco Water has worked closely with MMA producers to develop a series of programs to address fouling and improve the reliability of production processes.

Nalco Water has developed innovative technologies to address challenges in the MMA production process.

Nalco Water provides:

  • Highly effective multifunctional inhibitor packages to eliminate the handling of hazardous commodity inhibitors such as HQ and PBQ.
  • Proven dispersant technology specifically designed to minimize esterification reactor fouling in an acetone cyanohydrin process
  • Solvator technology to disperse/dissolve polymer in spent acid tanks

Our dedicated research and technical resources set us apart from our competition. Nalco Water provides:

  • Unique chemistry developed through breakthrough research
  • Daily program performance monitoring
  • Onsite technical support
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ACRYL-EX™ Programs Delivers Multiple Benefits with a Single Application 

Superior performance of the ACRYL-EX Program helped a methyl methacrylate (MMA) producer reduce usage of hazardous chemicals to achieve smoother operations and more reliable production.

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