MEI Flotation Conference

Booth Number: 17

LOCATION: Vineyard Conference Center | Colinton Rd, Newlands, 7700 | Cape Town, South Africa

Nalco Water is excited to sponsor and exhibit at the 2023 MEI Flotation Conference (Flotation ’23), the 11th International Flotation Conference. For the first time together, we will highlight our FLOTATION 360™ technology alongside our digital partner, Stone Three. 


Event Details

The 2023 MEI Flotation conference will focus on:

  • Fundamental reagent and flotation chemistry
  • Bubbles, froths, bubble-particle interactions
  • Flotation cell hydrodynamics, kinetics and scale-up
  • And more… 
See You Soon!

We invite you to stop by the Nalco Water booth, 17, to learn more about our industry solutions that combine global industry expertise, smart technology, on-site technical support, and best-in-class connected chemistries that drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability for mining and mineral processing.


Learn more about Nalco Water's mining and mineral processing solutions here.


Venue Information

Flotation '23 will be held in the Vineyard Conference Centre at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town

One of Cape Town’s favorite hotels, The Vineyard lies on an eco-award-winning riverside estate, looking up to the eastern slopes of Table Mountain and conveniently located in Newlands, close to many of the city’s major tourist attractions.

Mining and Mineral Processing Customer Success Stories


Nalco Water Frother Program Helps Copper Concentrator Increase Recovery and Reduce Total Cost of Operations

A copper mine in South America partnered with Nalco Water to help achieve their operational goals. The goals included improving recovery through their copper flotation circuit, increasing productivity, and ultimately reducing the total cost of operations while ensuring a safe production environment. By introducing FrothPro 507, a specific product in our diverse portfolio of frothers, Nalco Water helped the mine save on maintenance and increase recovery by 2,526 tons per year, amounting to $14.98M in value delivered to the customer. Download the case study below to learn more.


Nalco Water Froth Flotation Solution Helps Increase Recovery at a Copper and Moly Operation

A copper mine in the southwestern United States was challenged with processing a more difficult type of ore with daily variability. The customer approached Nalco Water for help with determining a treatment program that would help improve the recovery for both copper and moly. By implementing the right froth flotation program, Nalco Water was able to help improve overall recovery by 2% at the same dose as the incumbent product. The improved recovery ultimately helped to reduce the total cost of operations. Download the case study below to learn more.

Coal Handling Plant

FloteFeed G2 Technology Increases Coal Flotation Kinetics with a Delivered Value of $18M

Coal Handling and Preparation Plants (CHPPs) employ flotation to maximize recovery of-500 micron by zero coal. CHPP operators are continually optimizing flotation to increase recovery of lost coal.  A Queensland Australia coking coal producer was utilizing a Nalco Water flotation frother in its coal flotation circuit. 


Nalco Water Deploys SCALE-GUARD™ Program to Help Phosphoric Acid Plant Increase Annual Production by 54%

In phosphate processing operations, calcium sulfate scale is a daily cost of doing business. The scale results in lost evaporator efficiency, lost production time due to cleanings, increased cleaning-related expenses, and cleaning-related safety challenges. Nalco Water partnered with a US-based phosphoric acid plant to help minimize scale build-up. By deploying SCALE-GUARD EP310, Nalco Water helped the plant increase annual production by 54%, as well as decrease cleaning time and intensity. 

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