DRAPE ARMOUR™ Radiation Protection

Protect yourself with the Drape Armour™ shielding that’s right for you. Drape Armour™ is now available in LOW configurations that answer a spectrum of needs. Offering both greater economy combined with effective protection from scatter radiation, you can now choose the Drape Armour™ shielding that’s ideal for you.

Attenuation Data

Material samples for tests are prepared by cutting out small 2 1/2” circular discs of Drape Armour™ material and evaluated by comparing the fractional amounts of radiation transmitted through each sample and varying thickness of lead. The source of radiation is a diagnostic X-ray tube energized by a high frequency generator. The fractional amounts of transmitted radiation are recorded using both film and an ionization chamber. Both the accelerating potential and X-ray beam half-value layers are actively monitored to maintain precise consistency between samples and test sessions. The amount of exposure is adjusted to yield an optical density within the linear response range of the film. Attenuation measurement tests were performed at a range of 60-120 kVp.*

*Test methods performed and descriptions provided by Independent Testing Laboratory (Health Physicists Northwest)


Drape Armour™ and Drape Armour™ LOW radiation protection shields are designed to protect at the procedure site where scatter radiation is most prevalent. These shields can help to protect surgeons and other members of the clinical staff, and offer substantial attenuation as demonstrated by direct beam studies.

This means you can achieve substantial savings with Drape Armour™ depending upon your individual needs. Complete ratings are included in the charts on the next tab to help you select the Drape Armour™ configuration that’s just right for you.

Drape Armour™ – Attenuation Data (measured at 90 kVp)

ProductRange in Lead EquivalenceRange in Attenuation
Drape Armour™0.238 to 0.263 mm Pb88.3% to 90.3%*

Drape Armour™ LOW – Attenuation Data (measured at 90 kVp)

ProductRange in Lead EquivalenceRange in Attenuation
Drape Armour™ LOWLOW 0.166 to 0.184 mm Pb82.0% to 84.0%*

* Tested per ASTM F2547-06 (2013) under narrow beam conditions; Standard Test Method for determining the Attenuation Properties in a Primary X-Ray Beam of materials used to protect against Radiation generated under use of the X-Ray Equipment.