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Public Health

Protecting your brand and reputation is critical for your business. Public health concerns can be costly and cause customers to lose trust in your establishments. Maintaining public health standards is fundamental to protecting your brand.

EcoSure understands the importance of public health measures. We partner with you to create an end-to-end brand protection solution designed specifically for your business needs and goals. The program consists of comprehensive unit-level assessments, robust company-wide data reporting, training and corrective action and continuous program enhancements.

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What is an EcoSure Program?

An EcoSure program is an end-to-end brand protection solution—designed to focus on your organization's most critical brand concerns and business objectives. Along with a core focus on public health and food safety, EcoSure helps brands with guest experience, quality control, workplace safety and more.

Once your priority areas are determined—including but not limited to public health and food safety—our team works collaboratively with you to build a customized program including on-site assessments and scoring and reporting that is tailored specifically to your brand. During unit-level visits, we identify problem areas and improvement opportunities and engage with teams to encourage positive changes. We also provide visit data and reporting for clear insight and work on program enhancements as needed.

EcoSure partners with you to:

  • Determine program priority areas
  • Customize program design
  • Conduct on-site assessments
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Recommend program enhancements
  • Improve public health operations and risk mitigation

Core Brand Protection Program Components

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EcoSure's expert team conducts on-site assessments to offer insight into your everyday operations at the unit level, including public health practices. Our team manages program development, execution and data analysis, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your brand's business needs.

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Actionable Insights

EcoSure’s robust data collection and reporting capabilities empower your brand to achieve results through unit-level reporting, insight dashboards and our executive business reviews. EcoSure’s team utilizes visit data and industry insights to make recommendations specific to your brand. 

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Training and Corrective Action

EcoSure’s coaching-oriented approach helps build an employee culture emphasizing safety, accountability, knowledge retention and empowerment. Our on-site visits are designed to drive improvement without disrupting your operations.


Industry Best Practices

We offer unmatched expertise in public health across the globe, actively participating in the industry. This enables EcoSure to align our programs with the latest standards and trends within the field, enhancing your public health insights and driving impactful results.

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How does EcoSure help drive public health improvements?

EcoSure works with clients to develop approaches and solutions to help minimize risk and promote a culture of public health awareness across businesses of all sizes.

Custom public health assessments within an EcoSure program are dedicated to safeguarding the health and well-being of your employees, customers and brand reputation. Our evaluations encompass critical aspects of public health practices such as hand hygiene, biohazard preparedness and facility cleanliness. Through our on-site coaching approach and by utilizing data-driven insights, an EcoSure program empowers your teams to proactively address health concerns, minimize risks and create spaces that prioritize public health.

We work with your brand to build custom assessment criteria, which can include:

  • Hand hygiene: We evaluate hand hygiene practices, helping to confirm that every individual in your organization understands and practices proper hand hygiene.
  • Health and illness policies: We assess your health and illness policies to confirm they’re robust, up-to-date and implemented consistently.
  • Biohazard preparedness: Our assessments help you establish comprehensive biohazard preparedness plans, promoting swift and effective responses to health emergencies.
  • Facility cleanliness: We help verify that your facilities are maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards to prevent the spread of illnesses.
  • HVAC maintenance: We check that your HVAC systems are well-maintained and free of debris to promote health and well-being inside your space.
  • Pest activity: We check for evidence of pest activity to promote safe environments and help prevent health hazards.

Benefits of a Brand Protection Strategy

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End-to-End Program Management

The EcoSure team is responsible for program buildout, execution and data analysis. 

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Consistent Employee Performance

Our approach is centered around training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level, which helps to build an employee culture that emphasizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and power. 

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Actionable Insights

Our visits offer insight into everyday operations so our team can make recommendations specific to your brand. 


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Exceptional Client Experience

EcoSure’s unique all-inclusive agreement structure is transparent, creating the opportunity to build a collaborative partnership and focus on driving program results. 

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