Hand Care and Hand Hygiene Program
for Food & Beverage

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Hand Hygiene —
Clean without a Doubt

Good hand hygiene is key to safeguarding the health of your employees. At Ecolab, we’ve developed a hand hygiene approach that combines effective bacteria-killing chemistry with technology and training — making your hand cleaning habits efficient, safe† and simple. Seeing CLEAN and Being CLEAN allows your employees to work with confidence and focus.

Designed for better hand washing as part of a complete food safety program.


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A Clean You Can Count On

The EcoCare Personnel Hygiene Program is an employee-focused, integrated program designed to help reduce the risk of cross contamination in processing operations.  This comprehensive program will help strengthen good manufacturing practices and promote product safety and quality.  Explore our hand soap and hand sanitizers available for use in and around food processing areas.


Hand Hygiene Portfolio Bundled

Ecolab Nexa Hand Hygiene Platform

Available with EcoCare, Nexa is engineered to be simple, versatile, and easy to use.  The innovative Nexa design includes:

  • Proprietary packaging and collapsible bottle evacuates up to 99% of product to reduce product waste.
  • Incoroprated antimicrobial works continuously to inhibit growth of bacteria on the surface of the push bar.  Designed with a smooth surface to prevent collection of debris or grime.
  • Energy saving touch-free dispenser requires fewer battery change outs.
  • HDPE packaging is easily recycled.
  • Available individually or in a variety of stands 


EcoCare Product Details

Hand Hygiene Portfolio Bundled

Ecolab Nexa Hand Hygiene Platform

Hands washing in a sink

Our Enterprise Approach to Hand Hygiene

Nexa™ Hand Hygiene System

Enterprise Nexa Hand Hygiene Dispensers

Healthcare Hand Sanitizer Bundle

Enterprise Nexa Hand Sanitizer Stations and Stands