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Intratemp in use

intratemp™ irrigation fluid warming

Even mild inadvertent hypothermia can increase post-anesthesia recovery time, blood loss, morbid cardiac outcomes and lengthen hospital stays1.

Ecolab's IntraTemp™ provides continuous warm irrigation fluid at controlled temperatures in a sterile environment, helping to prevent inadvertent hypothermia or other injuries. IntraTemp™ takes out the guesswork, improving efficiency in the operating theatre.

Our Offer Your Benefit
Access warm irrigation fluid immediately
  • Continuously warm fluid, immediately accessible at the point of use
  • Reduced need to leave the operating room to retrieve warm bottles of solution
  • No need for labeling and rotating saline bottle inventory in warming cabinets
Easy setup and operation
  • Safe and simple to use snap-in ThermaBasin™ and Drape technology
  • Graduation marks on the basin means fluid volumes can be easily monitored
  • Large capacity basin is puncture-resistant, especially to surgical instruments
1 Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Recommended Practices Committee. Recommended practices for the prevention of unplanned perioperative hypothermia. AORN J. 2007 May; 85(5): 972-988.

IntraTemp™ Brochure

IntraTemp™ Irrigation Fluid Warming System