Sekusept™ Aktiv

Peracetic acid based, pH–neutral, powder product for the manual pre-cleaning and disinfection step as well as the terminal disinfection. Sekusept Aktiv is the optimum combination of cleaning performance, material compatibility, fast microbiological efficacy and user safety.
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Product Details


  • Features PerOxyBalance® technology and is suitable for all kinds of instruments including flexible endoscopes (Olympus approved).
  • Broad efficacy spectrum (including sporicidal efficacy)
  • Safe – for the user, the patient and the instrument
  • Material compatible – Supports a long life cycle of your instrument
  • Convenient – One product meets all manual process steps
  • Economic – Contributes in lowering your expenditures
  • Time saving – For a fast re-use of your instrument
  • Ecological – Gentle to the environment
Product Size Part Number

Sekusept Aktiv

1x 6kg