Soluscope Endoscope

Soluscope Endoscope Reprocessing

Flexible endoscope washer-disinfectors available with a complete range of chemical products, neutral or enzymatic detergents, peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde disinfectants.

Serie 1 is compliant with ISO-15883 standard and benefits from 20 years of Soluscope experience in endoscope hygiene.

Serie 4 flexible endoscope washer-disinfector offers a complete reprocessing cycle in 16 minutes thanks to its unique patented dual wash technique.

Serie TEE probe washer-disinfector is reliable, fast and efficient. It features a complete cleaning and disinfection cycle in only 14 minutes and a single handling, reducing probe damage risks to a minimum.


Serie 1

Serie 1

The Serie 1 provides the right amount of single-use chemistry at each reprocessing cycle. It preserves the endoscope and offers consistent process for user and patient security. The Serie 1 integrates an automatic leak test to maintain the endoscope integrity during the cycle.

Compatible range of products includes:

  • Soluscope PA
  • Soluscope GTA
  • Soluscope NW
  • Soluscope EZ
Serie 4

Serie 4

Serie 4 reduces consumption in water and chemistry up to 40%. The newly designed bowl can house any type and brand of flexible endoscope, including ultrasound models.

Compatible range of products includes:

  • Soluscope PAA
  • Soluscope CLN
Soluscope Endoscope Serie TEE


The new Serie TEE offers an innovative and intuitive graphic interface for fast adoption and quick use. The large and comfortable last generation 7” touch screen enables easy and fast access to all cycle and machine parameters.

The Serie TEE features an innovative architecture that separates the immersed distal end of the probe from the non-waterproof handle. The new cross contamination prevention system guarantees the probe to be inserted and released from the Serie TEE without any risk of contact with contaminated surface.

SERIE TEE works with the following high performance single-shot chemicals:

  • Soluscope P
    A 5% peracetic acid based disinfectant, with a minimum effective concentration that does not fix proteins.
  • Soluscope A
    An anticorrosive additive to Soluscope P.
  • Soluscope C+
    An acidic pre-disinfectant cleaner, compatible with peracetic acid based disinfectant (Soluscope P). Speciffically elaborated for an optimal efficacy on bacterial germs and biofilms.