SolidSafe Dispenser

Fully automated dispensing unit for solid cleaning agents and neutralizer. Part of the unique SolidSafe System that revolutionizes the automated cleaning of surgical instruments. The SolidSafe Dispenser is a state-of-the-art, small, easy to use dosing station. It produces a concentrate from highly concentrated Solid capsules.
It guarantees an uninterrupted delivery of the concentrate thanks to a built-in security system. It simplifies the work of the central sterilization staff.


  • Proven reliability - independently tested and validated as a medical device class I, with comprehensive reports on performance during programmed washes.
  • Easy to operate with features providing a high level of worker safety: optical control display to indicate operational issues; flow rate delimitation by flow regulating valves; external day tanks to provide continuous operation in case of the absence of product or water; water supply back flow protector (complies to DIN EN1717).
  • Innovative system - no risk of leaking or spilling; no need for the messy changing of dip tubes or suction lances; smaller space for storage; coded capsules for appropriate dispensers reducing the risk of using wrong chemistry
  • Environmentally responsible - the dispenser flushes out the SolidSafe capsule completely,  empty SolidSafe capsules can be put into regular waste.
  • The Dispenser is to be used with MetalClean, MetalClean Plus, AlkalineClean and NeutraPlus.
  • Proven accuracy of concentrated solution by external test company. Concentrated solution is controlled by conductivity and is validated yearly.
Equipment Size Part Number
SolidSafe Dispenser 10200284

The Solidsafe System

The Solidsafe system combines Ecolab's solid chemistry, MetalClean, with our innovative Solidsafe dispenser. This unique technology specifically designed for the instrument reprocessing market, is available exclusively from Ecolab. Click below to go to the Solidsafe page and learn more.