Nexa™ Hand Hygiene System

Nexa™ Hand Hygiene Platform

The innovative Nexa™ platform can dispense an array of Ecolab hand hygiene products, including liquid and foam hand soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers and body shampoos, all from the same unit, making changing of products easy. Depending upon the product used, Nexa™ Cough Stations, Sanitizer Stands and Dispensers can be installed in or near restrooms and public spaces of healthcare facilities, and at nurses' stations and in patient rooms.

Nexa’s Simple Designs Meets ADA Guidelines and Offers Many Benefits, Including:

  • Easy product identification through optional color-coded badges and language-free icons
  • Adjustable dosing to meet customer and staff needs
  • Compact dispensers to fit tight spaces
  • Cough Stations and Sanitizer Stands
  • Better inventory management through the ability to hold both large and small product bottles, which fit into both the manual and touch-free units
  • Less waste through patented pumps that dispense up to 99 percent of product
  • Greater sustainability through the use of HDPE-recyclable materials
Ecolab Nexa Dispensers
Nexa™️ Dispensers

The Nexa™ Touch-Free Hand Soap Dispenser empowers easy and efficient handwashing. Its proprietary system delivers consistent, accurate dispensing.

  • HDPE packaging is easily recycled
  • Automatic soap dispenser is wall mounted
  • Maximizes evacuation; up to 99% of product is dispensed
  • Patented pump pulls excess product back in, reducing waste, dripping and clogging 
  • Tracks individuals’ dispensing activity by communicating with HHCM badges
Ecolab Hand Hygiene Nexa Cough Stations
Nexa™️ Hand Sanitizer Stations

Our touchless dispensers provide flexible dispensing options to encourage hand hygiene compliance for patients, visitors and staff throughout the hospital. Sanitizer stands and cough stations come equipped with a touch-free Nexa™ dispenser, and cough stations are available with 2 or 3 compartments to provide space for tissues, cough masks, gloves or other items you wish to distribute. All three options come standard with 2 easily changeable graphic options. Customized graphic inserts are also available to match your needs.

Nexa Point of Care Holder
Nexa™ Point-of-Care Holder

A uniquely designed, versatile and flexible holder that allows you to support and promote hand hygiene compliance whenever and wherever you need it most.

Two hands washing under running water with soap as part of the Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program.
Hand Hygiene Program​

The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program is a complete offering that helps with hand hygiene observation, monitoring and standardization of hand washing processes to drive measurable improvements in clinical, operational and financial metrics.


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